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Pembroke Pines Florida Pet Owner Opt for Microchipping

Unfortunately, only 15% of dogs and 2% of cats in shelters are ever returned to their rightful owner. A chip can help make sure your pet is properly identified and he or she finds their way back to you.

Pembroke Pines pet owners will want to consider microchipping their pets to provide indisputable proof the pet belongs (lives with) to them. If your pet gets loose or lost and winds up in a shelter anywhere in the country, having a microchip embedded greatly increases the chances of a reunification.

The microchip is a small device that is injected between the shoulders of your pet using a syringe very similar to those used for your pet’s shots. There is a unique number on the chip that can then be used to register the pet’s name, owner name, phone number and address. This chip can be read by a scanner and almost all shelters and veterinarians have scanners so the odds of your pet’s chip being read are strong.

The key to this system though is the pet owner. When the chip is inserted the identification number has to be registered with the manufacturer’s database. If the pet owner’s contact information (name, phone number, address) changes, those changes need to be reflected in the database registration. Many more pets are microchipped than are properly registered.

If you are interested in getting your pet microchipped, we offer the service 7-days a week at DPC Veterinary Hospital. Just give us a call or walk in.


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