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Pet laser therapy : Hollywood : Q&A

If you are a Hollywood pet owner and you are considering pet laser therapy for the first time, you probably have a few questions regarding the treatment. We have put together a Q&A to help you better understand this amazing therapy.

Is pet laser therapy new?

Pet laser therapy is relatively new with only about 600 veterinary clinics and hospitals across the country with laser devices. Laser therapy for humans is several decades old. The healing and rejuvenation associated with lasers has been sought out by professional athletes for years. However it wasn’t until recent advances in technology that the therapy became practical and affordable for veterinary use.

What conditions can be treated with pet laser therapy?

Because of the laser’s ability to reduce inflammation and encourage new, health cell growth it can be used to treat a wide array of veterinary health issues. Best known for arthritis treatments, the laser can also be used for wounds, fractures, urinary tract infections, ear infections, dermatology issues, joint pain and many other conditions.

How does it work?

A laser is light energy. The laser used in pet therapy sends a measured dose of light energy into deep tissue where it is absorbed by the damaged cells. The energy causes a chemical reaction that produces ATP the fuel required for new cell growth. The treatment also causes a release of endorphins that causes the pet to relax. The secret to the success of laser treatment is the production of ATP which encourages cells to selfheal and replicate.

How is the pet laser therapy applied?

The beauty of laser therapy is its simplicity. The veterinarian simply passes a flashlight sized handpiece to administer the laser over the affected area. Your pet feels a soothing warmth and pain is relieved almost immediately.

Are there any side effects?

There are no known side effects to laser pet therapy. This is one of the major advantages of laser therapy over drug therapies                            

If you have any questions about laser therapy for your pet we encourage you to call us. Read more:


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Pet laser therapy : Fort Lauderdale : Senior Pets

Pet Laser Therapy for Senior Pets

Pet owners in Fort Lauderdale can now help their senior pets put a little bounce back in their step thanks to pet laser therapy available from DPC Veterinary Clinic in Davie.

If you are not familiar with laser therapy as a veterinary treatment it may surprise you that your pet can now receive the same treatment that professional athletes received for strained knees, elbows, shoulders and backs. Laser therapy has been used for decades because of its restorative qualities but it has only recently been adapted for veterinary use.

How the Pet Laser Works

The laser sends “packets of light energy” into deep tissue at the cellular level without damaging the cells. The light energy is absorbed by the cells and causes

a chemical change resulting in the production of ATP, a substance that fuels the rejuvenation and repair of cells. The more ATP produced, the more healthier cells and the more healthier cells the more healthier the pet becomes.

The actual treatment involves a vet setting the laser for the condition being treated and then taking a flashlight sized applicator and moving it over the affected area. The pet feels soothing warmth and relaxes much like you would during a massage.

Sessions vary in length but are typically short and the results are immediate. Your dog or cat will be friskier than before and if there was any pain in the joints it will be gone.

To learn if pet laser therapy can help your senior pet give us a call and make an appointment for an evaluation. Read More:

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Laser Therapy for Pets : Pembroke Pines : Pet Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy for Pembroke Pines Cats and Dogs

Pets in Pembroke Pines now have access to an amazing advancement in veterinary medicine; laser therapy for pets. The services offered at DPC Veterinary Hospital now include pet laser therapy which can treat a wide array of pet health issues quickly and without pain or any undesirable side effects. Our veterinarians and staff are trained on the Companion Therapy Laser™, an FDA laser that sends light and heat into an affected area producing almost immediate curative results.

Laser therapy has been around for decades for humans but has only recently become widely available for cats and dogs. Our Class IV laser reaches deep tissue on a molecular level and excites damaged cells encouraging them to “heal themselves” and replicate. This process also releases endorphins which when coupled with the warm heat from the laser literally give the pet a “warm and fuzzy feeling.”

Pet Laser Therapy – Fast, Effective, Many Applications

The pet laser reduces inflammation, speeds up the healing process by encouraging cell growth and relieves pain. Because it has these characteristics it can be used to treat many common ailments.

Using laser therapy almost always replaces the pharmaceuticals minimizing or eliminating side effects and the sometimes difficult task of getting your pet to “take their medicine.”

What Your Pet Experiences

While the laser unit is about the size of a three drawer file cabinet, the only part that comes in proximity to your pet is the wand which is hand held and roughly the size of a flashlight. The vet sets the laser using your pet’s size, weight, age, skin and hair/fur color and the condition being treated. The laser then calculates the strength duration of the light energy.

The wand is then repeatedly passed over the area being treated until the laser turns itself off. For a small dog this could be about 2 minutes. Your pet will feel a pleasant warmth and the endorphins released by the treatment will totally relax him or her. If the treatment is for arthritic or other pain the relief will be almost instantaneous.

Your pet is going to love you. Read more: