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Laser Therapy for Davie Pets With Arthritis

At DPC Veterinary Hospital we are delighted to announce that there is a noninvasive, drug free therapy with no adverse side effects to treat arthritis pain in pets. It’s our Companion Therapy Laser™ an FDA approved laser therapy for cats and dogs.

Thanks to advances in technology your pet can now enjoy the same benefits of laser therapy that top professional athletes with aches and strains have been enjoying for years. Laser therapy is not new; it was just too expensive for most people much less their pets. That has all changed now.

How Laser Therapy Eases the Pain of Pet Arthritis

Our Companion Therapy Laser™ sends light energy into the affected deep tissue and stimulates, at a molecular level, photo-bio-modulation, a process that encourages the generation of ATP which is the fuel used by cells to repair and rejuvenate themselves.

What the laser is doing is stimulating a natural cellular response to an injury that has been impaired by arthritis. For the pet, pain relief is almost instantaneous.

What to Expect During the Laser Therapy Session

The vet will hold the laser device over the affected area. What your pet feels is a soft, warm sensation and a reduction in pain. It’s a very relaxing experience and some dogs have actually dozed off during treatment.

There are no special preparations for the therapy and there is no special care required after the treatment.

If you have a dog or cat who is taking medication for arthritis why not make an appointment at DPC Veterinary Hospital to discuss replacing the drug therapy with laser treatments. Your pet will love you for it! Read more:


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