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Florida Veterinary Clinic Suggests Chocolates Dangerous for Dogs


It is very much important for a dog owner not to feed chocolates, as it could leads to some serious complications to dog’s health. Chocolates are poisonous for dogs as it contains theobromine, which is one of the type of caffeine. This theobtomine can lead to directly effect central nervous system that may lead to increase in blood pressure, excessive urination- which could further leads to dehydration, and can also cause seizures.

Following are the symptoms which are caused by the toxicity of chocolates:

1. Breathless
2. Restless
3. Fast heart beat rate
4. Too much thirst
5. Excessive urination
6. Vomiting
7. Dehydration


If your dogs is showing any of above mention symptoms, it is very much necessary to take your pet to the nearest Florida Veterinary Clinic . It is advisable to keep your dog away from chocolates. For more information Read More